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Bicycles and Biking

Easier - A bicycle is a two-wheeled vehicle that you ride by pushing the pedals with your feet and steering with the handlebars. A bicycle's parts include the two wheels, a seat, pedals, handlebars, and a frame that holds everything together.
Harder - People throughout the world use bicycles for recreation, exercise, and transportation. Bicycles are manufactured in a variety of sizes and styles. There are five main styles of bicycles: (1) mountain for off-road use, (2) road or touring bicycle, (3) hybrid including the tandem bike, (4) juvenile and children's model, and (5) specialty bike such as the BMX model. Bicycles are usually made in the countries of Brazil, China, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and the United States.
Articles For New Cyclists by S. Brown
This bike site was created for beginning cyclists who want to know about things like gear shifting, braking and turning, cycling and pain and more.
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2) From Trike to Bike Without Training Wheels by L. Scanlon from FamilyFun
3) Harris Cyclery Articles by S. Brown and Others
Bike Center from National Bike Safety Network, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
This organization exchanges information on bike safety programs, legislation, and research; develops national programs on bicycle safety; and shares resources.
Other Bike Safety Sites:
2) 10 Smart Routes to Bicycle Safety
3) Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute
4) Bicycle Safety from Illinois State Police
5) Bicycle Safety: Rules of the Road from Eugene, Oregon Police Department
6) Bicycle Safety Tips
7) Bike Safety-Make Bicycling Safer for Yourself and Your Children from Meriter
Health Services
8) How to Not Get Hit by Cars by M. Bluejay
9) Safety City Bike Tour
10) Safety on Wheels from Children's Healthcare of Atlanta
11) Steering Your Way to Bicycle Safety from KidsHealth
Bicycle Lane
This comprehensive links-site connects to a wide variety of online resources related to bicycles and biking.
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3) Bicycle Source
4) Bicycle Wire
5) Bicycling
6) Bicycling Life
7) Group Ride
9) USA Cycling Online
Science of Cycling from Exploratorium
This site focuses on information on the science of cycling and how bikes work.
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2) Bicycles from Newton's Apple
3) How Bicycles Work by M. Brain from Howstuffworks
After visiting several of the websites, complete one or more of these activities.
Try Some Bike Games. Start with the guidelines found at Three Bike Games and Tortoise Tango Bicycle Race; both sites are from FamilyFun. Lastly, create your own bicycle game. See if you can come up with a safe, new and fun activity.
Organize A Bicycle Rodeo. Bicycle Rodeo are designed to assist in promoting bicycle safety. A typical Bicycle Rodeo tests specific riding skills on a designated course. You can get ideas and useful information at sites like (1) Ride Safe Take Home Bicycle Rodeo Guide from Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute, (2) Checklist for Planning a Bicycle Rodeo from National Crime Prevention Council, (3) Bicycle Rodeo Booklet, (4) Bicycle Rodeo Equipment Checklist from Bicycling Life. This could be a neighborhood, school, organization, or an individual endeavor. Consider involving adults in all stages of the planning and conduct of such an event. Liability concerns might be lessened by use of a (5) Consent Form. Design a form to fit your event.
Complete A Bicycling WebQuest. Adapt or follow the procedures found at the following webQuest sites:
1) Bike Safety by C. Altenburg
2) Save the Soil (Grades 4-8) from eduScapes NatureScapes
Go Shopping Online For A New Bike. Using online resources, find and select a new bike. What kind of bike would fit the type of riding you plan to do? During the shopping process, create a list of features that you are looking for, another list of those things that it would be nice to have but are not absolutely required, and a list of things to be avoided. Now for the tough part, find the bike that meets your needs at the lowest price.
Review Your Bike. Write a critical review of your bike making sure to identify its strongest and best features as well as any weak points. For an alternative activity, create an advertisement for your bike. This could be a brochure or one-page flyer.
Create A Bike Poster. Make it as colorful and attractive as possible while still conveying an important message. Your message content could focus on bicycle safety or environment protection in off-road biking.
Plan A Bike Trip. Decide on a location for a five-day bicycle trip. Cover all aspects including a map of the route, transportation to and from the location, safety, sleeping arrangements, food requirements, clothing, etc. Put together a database that categorizes all items, amounts, and costs. Couple this with a day-to-day schedule.
Teach Someone A Bike Task. First, select a bicycle-related task that you consider important to teach others. Then analyze the task to identify the critical components that are important to explain. Include any drawings, pictures, or other visual tools that help to convey your lesson. Try a trial run of your lesson and see how it works. Revise and improve before your final presentation.
Persuade People To Ride Their Bike To Work. Write a persuasive editorial for the newspaper to convince people to ride their bike to work. An alternative article could be an argument supporting the creation of a bike path in your neighborhood or community.
Teach Someone To Ride A Bike. Remember how you learned to ride a bike. What are the steps to learning - - what is the best way to teach someone to ride a bike? Decide how you would teach someone. Explain your process in a step-by-step detail plan.
Websites By Kids For Kids
Cycling Toward Success (1997 ThinkQuest Internet Challenge)
The bicycle has been around since 1818. Since that first bike there have been many models, but which one is best for you? Mountain bikes, racing bikes, touring bikes, even BMX--this site helps you choose.
Propelled by Pedals: A Fun Guide to Bicycles (Platinum award, 2000 ThinkQuest Junior Project)
This comprehensive bicycle site includes criteria for selecting or buying a bike, bike safety, how a bike works, biking sports personalities, history of bicycles, bike tricks and trails, and much more.
Sport of Bicycling (1997 ThinkQuest Internet Challenge)
This site is divided into road biking, mountain biking, and safety and nutrition. It covers the history and structure of the bicycle, how to choose the right bike for you, proper diet, clothing, equipment, and safety tips.
Bicycle History
Japanese Bicycle History Research Club
Founded in 1981, this group focuses on research of bicycle history and culture.
Montana Mountain Biking: The First Expedition
Learn about the first mountain bikers who conquered the West 100 years ago.
National Bicycle History Archive of America by L. Dixon
Read about bikes from your grandparents' day and check out some cool photos.
Related Websites:
2) Bicycle History from Burgwardt Bicycle Museum
3) Bicycle Museum of America
4) Bicycles: History - Beauty - Fantasy
5) History of the Bicycle
Pedaling History Bicycle Museum
Have you ever wondered how the bicycle came about? What was the first machine that started it all? Explore the history of the American bicycle.
Story of the Bicycle from Franklin Institute
In this resource, you will discover the history of bicycles and what influences prompted the changes in bicycle technology from the dangerous highwheeler bicycles of yesteryears to today's versatile models.
Related Websites at Franklin Institute:
2) Cycle...of Heroes
3) Getting a Handle...on Technology
The Wheelmen is a national, nonprofit organization dedicated to keeping alive the heritage of American cycling, promoting the restoration and riding of early cycles (1918 or earlier), and encouraging cycling as part of modern living.
More Bike Websites
American Bicycle Association: BMX Racing
This official site has information on ABA BMX pros, rules, race results, membership information, and much more.
Other BMX Sites:
2) BMX Mania
3) BMX Online
5) Gene's BMX (Links-site)
6) Images from Haro Bicycles Photo Gallery
7) National Bicycle League
Bicycle Maintenance Guide and Riding Tips by T. Driemeyer
Here is an online guide for bicycle maintenance and repairs, and tips for how to ride efficiently.
Bicycle Polo from U.S. Bicycle Polo Association, Inc.
Welcome to the exciting sport of Bicycle Polo! It's an old game that's been revitalized and growing in popularity throughout the USA and the world.
Bicycles by D. Convissor
This website contains information on helmet legislation, riding techniques, and bike safety related issues.
Bike Forums
This site is a cycling and discussion forum.
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2) Bicycle Discussion Lists on Internet
Bike to Work by T. Teyler & B. Mayhew
This website is dedicated to bicycle commuters.
Other Bicycle Commuter Websites:
2) Bicycle Commuting by C.J. Silverio
3) Bicycle Commuting Guide from Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin
4) Bike to Work
5) Self-Propelled City
Cycling Performance Tips
This site covers basic physiology of exercise, energy requirements of bicycling, weight control, over training, and and basic nutrition - - to name a few topics.
Dictionary of Mountain Bike Slang by D. Landauer
Many of the slang terms used in mountain biking come from the off-road motorcycling culture, from "trials" bicycling and BMX, and from road cycling. And some of the (numerous!) terms for "crash" came from skiing, snow boarding, surfing, or skating (inline or boards). Other subcultures have also contributed terms.
Related Sites:
2) Dictionary of Roadie Slang
3) Glossary of Biking Terms and Slang
This website is dedicated to the winter cyclists, who brave ice and snow and cycle for transportation, recreation, or competition in winter.
Laws Pertaining to Bicyclists
Here you can examine bicycle laws in each state in the U.S., Canada, and a few other countries.
League of American Bicyclists
This organization promotes bicycling for fun, fitness and transportation and works through advocacy and education for a bicycle-friendly America.
Related Organizations:
2) International Human Powered Vehicle Association
Lehigh Valley Velodrome
Check out the cycling news and information from an arena where racers compete on bicycles with incredibly narrow tires and no brakes!
Mike's Mega Bicycle Links by M. Bentley
Here is a huge mega-collection of links to bicycle related websites.
Mountain Biking by G. Goss
Interested in mountain biking? If you are looking for links to bike dealers, teams, clubs, events, and accessories, you are on the right trail.
Related Websites:
2) Club MTB
3) International Mountain Bicycling Association
4) Mountain Biking
5) National Off Road Bicycle Association (NORBA)
Off Road Use of Bicycles from Sierra Club
Read the conservation policies of the Sierra Club for off road bicycling.
Related Websites:
2) Hey (Hey!) You (You!), Get Off of My Trail! by J. Danz from Outside Online
3) Mountain Biking Etiquette for Off-Road Cyclists . . .
4) Off-Road Impacts of Mountain Bikes
5) Off-Road To Ruin by T. Shore from Faultline Magazine
6) Trail Bikers Confront Uphill Battle for Places to Ride by G. Black from Seattle Times
7) Wildlife Need Habitat Off-Limits to Humans! by M.J. Vandeman
People Movers: Why Ride A Recumbent?
This site promotes the advantages of recumbent bikes.
Slayer's Freestyle Biking How To Page
Here are instructions for basic and advanced jumping tricks, street tricks, and quarter pipe tricks.
Biking Personalities
Lance Armstrong
This is the official website of Lance Armstrong.
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2) Talking Cycling: Today, Bill Talks with Lance from Cycling News
3) Tiger Who? Lance Armstrong Is the Real Sports Hero from Time,8599,49763,00.html
4) Unofficial Lance Armstrong Fan Club
Greg LeMond
In 1986, Greg LeMond, despite being constantly threatened by his own teammate, Bernard Hinault, became the first American to win the largest single annual sporting event in the world, the Tour de France.
Other Websites for Greg LeMond:
2) Greg LeMond Q&A
3) Legendary Greg LeMond
4) Once Was King: An interview with Greg LeMond by B. Malessa
Major Taylor Association, Inc.
Learn about the 1899 world champion bicycle racer from Worcester (MA) who overcame racial prejudice to become the first internationally acclaimed African-American sports star.
Related Website:
2) Major Taylor: Biography at a Glance
3) Major Taylor Society
4) Marshall Walter "Major" Taylor
Bicycle Manufacturers
trail bike
balloon tire
BMX bike
mountain bike
bicycle polo
coaster brake
caliper brake
touring bike
hill climb
signal turn
rail trail
cantilever brake
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bike safety
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