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Buying A Car

Buying a car takes research. You need to know about the quality of the car, the best prices, and financing. Although you can buy a car online, most people still buy their cars locally. Use the Internet to locate information that will help you make a good decision.
This is one of the two largest on-line car-buying services; providing new, used, and other car buying information.
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Used Car Buying Tips
Guide to evaluating used cars.
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New Car Seeker
This site has car buying tips.
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U Buy A Car
You are interested in purchasing a new vehicle.What should your annual salary be to afford the car you want? 

Choose a project and use the links below to solve the problem or create a project.
Complete A Car Buying WebQuest. Follow or adapt the instructions and procedures found at one of the following webQuest sites:
1) Being Prepared To Own Or Not To Own My First Car! by L. L. Johnson
2) Buying A Car
3) Buying A Car
3) Buying Your First Car
4) Car Project
5) Car WebQuest
6) Modes of Transportation
7) My Dream Car by T. Anderson
Buyer Beware. Create a poster that provides ten tips for car buyers. Display the finished work.
Safety First. Read the safety reviews of three cars in your interest area. Which do you think is safest? Why?
Do You Want Fries With That...? Can you afford the car you want to buy on a "burger flipper" salary? How much would you need to make in order to buy the car of your dreams? You might want to use the U Buy A Car site. What careers pay that kind of money?
The Bucks. Select a car to buy. Find a price. Now, figure out how you will finance this purchase. What will the insurance cost?
Advertising. Create an advertisement for a used car you're trying to sell. Be sure to include the characteristics of the car and the 'blue book' price.

Auto Center at the Finance Center
This site helps customers analyze options, learn about key issues, and select products. Includes information buying, financing, and insurance.
Auto Site
This website includes new car invoice pricing and used car book values, plus car buying and owning tips.
Here you find information about used cars, how to sell your car, auto financing, insurance and lots more.
Car Stuff
This site claims to be 'Web's Most Complete Source of Automotive Links,' including car sales and buyers guides.
Car and Driver's Buyer's Guide
The comprehensive site is a companion to the well-known magazine and contains information about most makes and models available.
Car Talk
Tom & Ray Magliozzi ( aka 'Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers') provide humorous and helpful answers to mechanical problems. Just don't count on all of them to be right! America's funniest grease monkeys try to steer you in the right direction when buying a new car.
Edmund's Automobile Buyer's Guide
Find new and used car prices in this useful online guide that includes reviews, analysis, and advice.
Kelley Blue Book
You've probably heard about the "blue book price." It's now online and can help you find preowned and new vehicle pricing plus purchasing and selling information.
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Autopia Car Car
This site for the automobile euthusiast covers detailing and car care.
CarAccident .com
Here is a comprehensive resource site for all things regarding auto accidents.
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Car Reviews
This organization collect reviews on all popular aftermarket performance parts for your favorite car.
Cars at the Federal Consumer Education Center
Here is an index to car related information from the Pueblo, CO center.
Do You Really Need A Car?
Cars do have adverse effects on our environment. Here are hands-on hints on how to go without!
Fuel Economy from the U.S. Evioronmental Protection Agency
Click on find and compare cars based on your estimated miles and current gasoline prices.
Highway Loss Data Institute
Here you find informtion on crash testing, highway safety, and lots more.
Lemon Car Page
This page offers general information regarding lemon car cases.
Loan Payment Calculator
Financing a vehicle is very much like taking out a house mortage. The loan institution or bank gives you the necessary amount of money to purchase the vehicle, and you then repay back the same amount, plus interest.
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
This is the Dept. of Transportation's source for crash statistics and crash test information and lots more.
Other Not-To-Be-Missed Sections at NHTSA:
2) Buying a Safer Car: New Car Assessment Program
3) Vehicle and Equipment Information
Seat Belts
Seat belt protection information
Websites for Teachers
Buy or Lease an Automobile by B. Cross (Grade 9-12)
Sooner or later everyone will be confronted with the question of whether or not leasing a car is a viable option to buying a car. In other words, how important is it to own your car?
Buy This Car - Now, You! by B. Nichols and M. Galloway (Grade 7-12)
Students will analyze car advertisements, define advertising and marketing terms, and compose a persuasive advertisement.
Buying My First Car (Grade 8-12)
Through this unit you will research every aspect that a person goes through when purchasing a car.
What A Steal! or What A Ripoff? by E. Glazer (Grades 9-12)
In this activity, students use the Internet and exponential regression to help them find an affordable automobile at a reasonable price.
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