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Classical Music

Easier - Some people think of classical music as anything that is played in a concert hall. Others consider it any music that has lasting value such as classical jazz or pop. However to most people, it is a particular time in musical history from 1750 to 1820.
Harder - Many famous composers come from the classical period including Franz Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven. Some people would also include composers from the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, and Romantic periods.
The classical period is known for its simple, clear music, balanced themes, and defined harmony. Rather than the heavy, formal music of the past, classical was intended to be tuneful and elegant with dances such as the minuet.
Essential Classics from Classical 102.5 WCRB
This is simply a list of this radio station listeners' favorites over the years. You can click on each piece of music to hear an MP3 sample on your computer...Enjoy!
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Classical Music Navigator
This site provides information on important classical music composers and their works.
Classical Music Pages by M. Boynick
Designed for everyone from "beginners" to the music professional, this website contains history, biographical information about composers (with portraits and short sound examples), explanations of the various musical forms and a dictionary of musical terminology.
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Discover ESO by by D. Gomez
Welcome to the classical music website with kids in mind! Here you'll find lots of information on the symphony orchestra, conductors, musicians and the instruments they play.
Another Symphony Site:
2) SFS Kids
After visiting several of the featured websites, complete one or more of these activities:
Read a Story. Read Mozart's Magical Musical Life story. Write your own story about a composer and a different place or time.
Play a Game. Try Composer Fun or Composer Timeline. Also, check out the Classical Quiz page for many more music ideas.
Try a Treasure Hunt. Explore the Music Mania Treasure Hunt.
Debate the Classic Debate. What is classical music? Is it a time period, type of music, specific composers, or a philosophy of music? You decide. Create your own definition and defend it.
Composer Creation. Create a poster, mobile, or other creation showing information about the life of a composer. Choose a piece of their music to play.
Powerful Pictures. Many people play classical music as they paint or draw. Use Classical Archives or SFS Radio for ideas. Choose a composer and play their music. What images does it bring to your mind? Draw, paint, or doodle.
Music Timeline. Check out This Day in Music History. Create a class timeline through the year.
Nominate a Classic. Pick a piece of classical music you really enjoy. Write about why you think it's a good example of classical music. What is it that attracted you to the song?
Complete A Classical Music WebQuest. Adapt or follow the procedures found at one of the following WebQuest sites.
1) Mozart WebQuest -
2) Music Time Periods -
3) Classical Music WebQuest (middle school) -
4) Musical Era WebQuest (middle school) -
5) Mozart Connection -
6) Mozart WebQuest -
7) The Quest for Perfection -
8) Which Composer Would You Want To Interview?
9) Classical Composers
10) Marketing Yesterday's Music Today
11) Music History WebQuest
Websites By Kids For Kids
Classical Music (2000 ThinkQuest Internet Challenge)
This webpage contains biographies of the composers of classical music and midi songs.
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Classical Music (Websection within Music World, 1998 ThinkQuest Internet Challenge)
This section includes an outline of the history of classical music, biographies of composers and performers, classical music theory.
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Muse in Musical Moments (1999 ThinkQuest Internet Challenge)
This site provides for you information mostly on the development and making of classical music.
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2) History of Music (1999 Internet Challenge)
Symphony: An Interactive Guide (1998 ThinkQuest Internet Challenge)
Do you love classical music? This is a comprehensive resource for people wanting to learn more about symphonies.
More Websites
Classical: 1750 to 1825 from Essentials of Music, Sony Music Entertainment
Explore the historical themes, musical context, and stylistic ideas that mark the classical period of music. The site also includes information about a select group of classical composers.
Classical Guitar Illustrated History
Learn about the use and appearance of the guitar from ancient times to the present day.
Classical Music Overture from CBC4Kids
Here you find nine recordings that will get you started on loving classical music.
Classical Music Resources from Duke University Music Library
Here you find a links-collection for classical music.
Classical Music Webring
Here you can access a chain of many hundreds of classical music web sites.
Classical Music Composers
Classical Composers' Archive
Here you find a huge composer list sorted by nationality, last name, and performance years.
Similar Websites:
2) Composer Biographies by M. Norrish
3) Composers from from Essentials of Music, Sony Music Entertainment
4) Composers Index by M. Boynick from Classical Music Pages
Bach Digital
At this site, you can explore Bach's autographs, or hand-written music, and check out some of the instruments used in his pieces.
Other Bach Sites:
2) Bach by A.H. Hohmann
3) J.S. Bach Home Page by J. Hanford and J. Koster
4) Johann Sebastian Bach from Essentials of Music, Sony Music Entertainment
5) Johann Sebastian Bach
6) Johann Sebastian Bach
Beethoven from Carmen Sandiego Connection
Read a biography of this composer and learn about his effects on music.
Other Beethoven Sites:
2) Ludwig van Beethoven from Essentials of Music, Sony Music Entertainment
3) The Story of a Composer: Ludwig van Beethoven from Arts Alive, National Arts Centre, Canada
4) Ludwig van Beethoven
5) Lesson Tutor
6) All Classical
Classical Composer Biographies
Easy to read biographies and links
Copland's America from PBS Great Performances
Learn about Aaron Copland, the "the dean of American composers."
Claude Debussy from Listener's Guide to Classical Music
Here is a brief site about Claude Debussy's life and works.
Other Debussy Sites:
2) Claude Debussy from Essentials of Music, Sony Music Entertainment
George Frederick Handel
Learn why Handel is one of the most famous composers and find detailed information on his music and his life.
Other Handel Sites:
2) George Frideric Handel from Essentials of Music, Sony Music Entertainment
3) George Frideric Handel from The Classical Music MIDI Page
4) George Frideric Handel: His Life Times and Music from Arts Alive, National Arts Centre, Canada
5) Franz Joseph Haydn from Essentials of Music, Sony Music Entertainment
6) Franz Joseph Haydn: His Life, Times and Music from Arts Alive, National Arts Centre, Canada
7) Internet Public Library
8) Lesson Tutor
Franz Schubert (1797-1828) by M. Boynick from Classical Music
Igor Stravinsky from Essentials of Music, Sony Music Entertainment
Igor Stravinsky: His Life, Times and Music from Arts Alive, National Arts Centre, Canada
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky from Essentials of Music, Sony Music Entertainment
Other Tchaikovsky Sites:
Piotr Ilych Tchaikovsky: His Life, Times and Music from Arts Alive, National Arts Centre, Canada
Lesson Tutor
Wolfgang Amadé Mozart
This site has a biography as well as pictures of Wolfgang, sheet music, compositions, and audio clips.
Other Mozart Sites:
2) Mozart's Place
3) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1756 - 1791 from Design House
4) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart from Essentials of Music, Sony Music Entertainment
5) Internet Public Library: Mozart
6) Classical Archives
7) Lesson Tutor
Worldwide Internet Music Resources
Links to popular composers
Websites For Teachers
Ballet and Classical Music
This lesson will includes a discussion of classical music and the history of ballet.
Beethoven's Ninth Symphony
Lesson for middle school and high school on Beethoven's music, dilemmas, and personality.
Classical Music in the Classroom
This page contains a list of ideas for integrating classical music into the classroom.
Mozart Lesson
This high school lesson provides background information and worksheets.
History of Music
This lesson explores composers and different times in musical history.
Composer Corner
Treasure hunts, webquests, and other resources for students and teachers.
Learning Guide to Amadeus
Watch the movie and learn about the like of Amadeus Mozart.
Look in the Mythic Mirror
Explore the relationships between music, poetry, and visual art.
Set the Mood for Creative Writing
Use classical music to set the mood for creative writing.
White Water Rafting
Take students on a virtual white water rafting trip while introducing them to classical music.
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