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Dental Care

Easier - Care of your teeth includes following a good diet, cleaning your teeth after eating, and having regular dental checkups.
Harder - Most tooth decay and gum disease could be prevented if people gave proper care to their teeth and gums. Dentists recommend that (1) you eat well-balanced meals that include a variety of foods and provide the nutrients (nourishing substances) needed by your teeth and gums, (2) you clean your teeth by brushing after every meal and using dental floss once a day, and that (3) you have a dental checkup at least once a year.

Adventures of Mr. Reach from Johnson & Johnson
Follow Mr. Reach's adventures while you learn the importance of good oral health care.
Healthy Teeth from Nova Scotia Dental Association
This site is all about what goes on inside your mouth.
Related Websites:
2) Do You Know Your Teeth from The American Dental Hygienists' Association
3) Taking Care of Your Teeth from Kids Health
Colgate Kid's World
Another commercially sponsored site that includes learning how to keep your teeth healthy and games and activities related to dental care.
Tooth Buddies from Oral B
Fun Site

 Choose and complete one of these dental care projects:
Life Story of Your Teeth. Visit websites like Tooth Buddies, Colgate Kid's World , and Adventures of Mr. Reach and look for information about your teeth and their development. Write a story about the life history of your teeth from their beginnings until full maturity. Don't forget your deciduous teeth! Include the most interesting things that happen or could happen to your teeth.
Join an Online Tooth Project. Visit the I Lost My Tooth project that involves creative writing, graphing, art, and social studies activities.
Create a Tooth Care Poster. Go to sites like The Tooth Fairy Online and come up with your top-ten guidelines for taking care of your teeth. Make a poster that informs others of your top 10 list.
Find an activity on Teeth. Go to Brush up on Teeth.

Dental Care WebQuests. Complete or adapt the following webQuest activities:
1) Save Sydney's Smile
Your mission is to help Sydney learn to take good care of her teeth.
2) Taking Care of Your Teeth
You are Dr. Smiley the Dentist.
3) Arthur's Tooth Kids Webquest from Grant Elementary

Have Some Dental Fun
. Try some of the activities such as puzzles, poems, mazes and more at Fun and Games from the Cunning Dental Group.

Tooth Fairy Online
This site provides dental links, frequently asked questions (FAQ), and oral hygiene tips.

 Orthodontic Information Page
Find useful information for orthodontic patients and their parents and learn more about dental professions.

Dental Health Facts - Smokeless Tobacco
from CA Dental Association
Learn how smokeless tobacco is harmful to your teeth and mouth.

Smile Kids
from Delta Dental
Learn about dental health.

Websites for Teachers and Parents
Brush and Floss
Plans for an online dental health unit.

Crafts for Kids: Dental Health Month
This site links to craft plans and ideas for anytime.

Dental Health Guide
from Keep Kids Healthy
Here you find more information about children's dental health.

National Children's Dental Health Month
The American Dental Association held the first national observance of Children's Dental Health Day on February 8, 1949. This single day observance became a week-long event in 1955.


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