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Easier - Basketball is a game where players try to throw a round inflated ball through a raised basket like goal. It is played on a court by two teams of five players. Points are made by shooting the ball through a high metal hoop and net at the opponent's end of the court. The large round ball used in this game is also called a basketball.
Harder - One of the most popular sports around the world, basketball is a fast-paced competition played by men and women of all ages and ability. The basketball court on the playground or in a gymnasium is rectangular with regulation rims located 10 feet above the ground. In the early days, basketball was played with a soccer ball. Today's standard basketballs are orange to brown in color with an outer cover of leather or nylon and a pebbled (indented) surface for grip and control. In men's play, a regulation basketball is 29.5 to 30 in (74.9 to 76.2 cm) in circumference and 20 to 22 oz (567 to 624 g) in weight. Women's version can be slightly smaller and lighter in weight.
The game involves two five-player teams that play both offense and defense. With a few exceptions, basketball games whether they are played informally or in organized leagues follow generally consistent rules that have changed little since the game's invention in 1891. Games begin with a jump ball at center court; a referee throws the ball up while two opposing attempt to direct the ball to their teammates control. The basic offensive skills of basketball are passing, ball handling, shooting, and rebounding. Defensive skills include guarding opponents, blocking and positioning to defend the basket, using quickness to intercept or steal the ball, and rebounding missed shots.
This introductory site provides a quick look around the game.
Basketball Highway
Designed for coaches and players, this is a comprehensive site includes tips for young players to improve basic skills and understanding of the game, plus articles on passing, defense, dribbling, and more.
Not-To-Be-Missed Section:
2) Playground Pointers
Basketball Tips & Drills from eteamz
Visit the instructional libraries, post a message to the basketball bulletin board, email online coach, Vic Pruden with your basketball questions, and get tips for playing better basketball.
Not-To-Be-Missed Section:
2) Conceptual Basketball
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3) Basketball Tips
4) Tip of the Month from S. Slade
Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame
The site includes history of the game, information about the 246 individuals and five teams enshrined and lots more.
Not-To-Be-Missed Section:
2) Hoop Hall History Page
Related Websites:
3) Hooptown USA
4) Naismith Museum and Hall of Fame
5) Women's Basketball Hall of Fame
After visiting several of the websites, complete one or more of the following activities.
Compare And Contrast Basketball. Examine the rules, the court, and game of basketball at the high school, college, and professional levels. Identify the ways that are different at these levels of play. An alternative compare and contrast activity would be to examine the game of basketball in its early years and how it is played today.
Make A Basketball Jumpshot. Learn about the physics of a basketball jumpshot and Make a Basketball Jumpshot Every Time! from Fear of Physics. Then go to the basketball court and try applying this science to your jumpshot.
Create A Basketball Poster. Focus on a specific message for your poster such as favorite player, team, or tournament. Make it as colorful and attractive as possible. Display your finished artwork.
Take Some Basketball Lessons Online. You will find the online basketball skills lessons at Get Ready for Round Ball from Sports Guru.
Complete A Basketball WebQuest. Adapt or follow the directions found at the following webQuest sites:
1) Atlantic Coast Conference Basketball: Comparing Statistics
2) Salaries and Professional Basketball Players (Grade 7)
What Would You Change About Basketball Competition? Begin preparation by identifying the positive and negative effects of school basketball competition as it exists today. Then pose both sides of the argument in a final presentation, this could be done using a multimedia presentation software such as PowerPoint. Summarize your findings and include your recommendations for change. If it were in your power, what would you change?
Become A Basketball Statistician. Here are a few sites to help you get started. Practice keeping stats of your favorite team.
1) Basketball Scrimmage or Game Stastistics (Form)
2) 2003 Basketball Statistician Manual from NCAA
3) Individual and Team Basketball Statistics (Form)
4) NCAA Basketball Statisticians' Manual Archive
5) Official Basketball Boxscore (form)
6) Official NCAA Basketball Boxscore (Form)
7) Shooting Chart (Form)
8) SportsStats (Download AClarisWorks/AppleWorks shareware for basketball statistics
9) TurboStats Software for Basketball (Download Windows software)
Shoot Some Hoops. Get out and shoot some baskets. Play a game of "Horse" or scrimmage with your friends. Compete shooting free throws, even if that is competing against yourself. Keep a record of how many shots you make out of twenty-five trys. Keep a record. Shoot the same series as many times as possible for one month. Make a graph that shows the results of your basketball shooting experiment.
Imagine Basketball in the Year 3000. Basketball has evolved and changed from when it was first devised. Imagine the game being played in about a thousand years from now. Write a futuristic basketball game story that is centered on the game.
Websites By Kids For Kids
How Does A Basketball Bounce? (Grade 3)
Did you ever wonder how a basketball bounces?
James Naismith (1861-1939)
Here is a student report on the man who invented basketball.
Similar Projects & Reports:
2) Dr. James Naismith by R. Garner
3) James Naismith
More Websites
Association for Professional Basketball Research by R. Bradley
This site houses professional basketball records, statistics, history, research, and lots more.
Related Website:
2) Basketball Statistics Archive
3) NBA History from CBS SportsLine
4) Pro Basketball from InfoPlease
Becoming a Basketball Official from National Association of Sports Officials
This is a very useful site if you’ve thought about becoming a basketball official and need a place to get started.
Black Legends of Professional Basketball
This website showcases the often forgotten history of black professional basketball players and their barnstorming teams from 1900-1960.
Related Websites:
2) Art of the Harlem Rens: Black Basketball and Performance
3) Basketball: The Black Game
4) Freedom to Play: The Life and Times of Basketball's African-American Pioneers
5) Questions of Race by J. Entine from Philadelphia Magazine
6) Remembering the New York Renaissance Five by H. Frommer
7) Remembering The Rens by J Hareas from NBA History
College BasketBall - Pro Basketball: History Of The Game & More from All Sports Posters
This site contains an extensive timeline covering the history of basketball.
More Websites on Basketball History:
2) Basketball Archives from The Sporting News
3) Basketball History
4) Born in the USA (Father: Canadian)
5) History of Basketball
6) History of Basketball
7) History of Basketball 1891-Present
6) March Mayhem from CBS SportsLine
7) Men's Basketball History from the Big Ten
Glossary of Basketball Terms from AllCoach
Here is a basic list of basketball terms and their meaning.
History of Women's Basketball (Part 1 of 3) by J. Molina
The goal of this online museum is to provide an overall view of how the game started and evolved into what it is today.
Related Website:
2) History of Women's Professional Basketball
James Naismith
Basketball started with 18 men in a YMCA gymnasium in Springfield, Massachusetts. Dr. James Naismith had 14 days to create an indoor game that would provide an "athletic distraction" for a rowdy class through the brutal New England winter.
Other Naismith Biography Sites:
2) Basketball - James Naismith (1861-1939)
3) Dr.James Naismith: Father Of The Game
4) Dr. James Naismith from Kansas Sports Hall of Fame
5) Dr. James Naismith
6) History of Basketball
7) James Naismith - Canadian Inventor of Basketball
8) James Naismith Section from Hoop Hall History
Know Your Basketballs from SportsMom
Did you know that basketballs come in different sizes and are made from a variety of materials for indoor and outdoor play?
Related Websites:
2) Basketballs: Frequently Asked Questions from Spalding
3) Basketball Specifications from Sportime
Labor Pains Nothing New to the NBA by R. Bradley
This article chronicles the history of labor negotiations between the league and it's players - - the painful, litigious, and drawn out process.
NCAA Playing Rules and Officiating Books
Here you can download the (1) Men's and Women's Basketball Rules and Interpretations and (2) Men's and Women's Illustrated Basketball Rules plus similar documents for other sports.
Related Websites:
2) Anthony's International Basketball Officiating Site
3) Basketball (Rules) from National Federation of High School Associations
4) Men's FIBA (International), NBA, And NCAA Basketball Rule Differences
5) NCAA Official Basketball Signals
6) Official Rules of the National Basketball Association
7) Official Rules of the Woman's National Basketball Association
8) Online Rule Books (Links-site) from Hoops.ref
9) Rules and Regulations form the International Basketball Federation
Official Site of USA Basketball
As the recognized governing body for basketball in the United States by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) and the United States Olympic Committee (USOC), USA Basketball is responsible for the selection, training and fielding of USA teams that compete in FIBA sponsored international basketball competitions, as well as for some national competitions.
Original Harlem Globetrotters
Here you can learn about this team's players and history and find out where they're appearing this season.
Related Website:
Harlem Globetrotters
Remember the ABA
The "red, white and blue" league, the defunct American Basketball Association, existed from 1967 to 1976 -- for nine full seasons. During that time, they fought a bitter war with the established National Basketball Association (the NBA) for players, fans, and media attention.
Related Website:
NBA History
Basketball Organizations, Leagues, & Tournaments
Magazines, Newspapers, & Media
Websites For Teachers
Basketball Lesson
Here is a set of 8 lessons for introducing beginning basketball skills.
Similar Lesson Plans:
2) Basketball Lesson
3) Basketball Lesson
Basketball Passing (Grades 3-5) by C. Ekern from AskERIC Lessons
This lesson concentrates on the basketball chest pass and bounce pass.
Other Related Lesson Plans from AskERIC:
2) Basketball (Grade 5) by L. Goins
3) Name of Game: Throw and Run Basketball (Grades 4-5) by M.L. Thompson
Basketball Statistics
This activity has students gathering and keeping statistical information about their favorite basketball team.
Related Website:
2) Basketball Statistics and Mathematics (Grade 6) by S. Ankeney
Does Air Have Mass and Density? (Grades 7-12) by T. Ramey from AskERIC Lessons
Using a basketball, students conduct an experiment to determine if air has mass, and therefore, density.
High-Fives! An Introduction to Finite Differences (Grades 6-10) from PBS's Teachersource Mathline
The technique of finite differences was one of the keys to how the difference engine worked. Ada Lovelace studied this method. The technique of finite differences can be used in problem solving to find and extend terms in a pattern, as well as to develop a general algebraic statement.
Mathematical Investigation with Excel by L. Petraitis and J. Walraven
In our excel problem students will study the motion of a basketball. The point of the problem is to find the best angle or the best velocity the ball should be thrown so that it will go in the basket from the free throw line.
hook shot
James Naismith
fast break
full court press
rope games
sidewalk game
inbound pass
break away
point guard
pivot foot
air ball
open player
weak side
block out
half court press
tip in
bank shot
off the glass
post up
give and go
jump ball
alley oop
pump fake
personal foul
Negro Baseball Leagues
fast break
pick & roll
out of bounds
shot block
time out
bounce pass
ball handling
jump shot
steal the ball
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