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Easier - A knot is a fastening made by tying together pieces of string, cord, or rope.
Harder - Knots are especially important for climbers and sailors; but everyone needs to tie a knot now and then. Knots are used to tie up a bundle with cord or to join the ends of a rope. There are several types of knots such as bends, hitches, and splices. Different knots are used for different purposes.
Ropers Knots Page
This site contains several knots indexed by alphabet and links to related knot pages
Tie the Knot at
Learn all about Knot tying.
Knotting Dictionary of Kännet
This is a Sweden site containing scout knots.
Knots on the Web
This giant site provides information on knot tying, knot theory, knot art, and a knot gallery. The site is more about knots than how too, but does include extensive knot links.
Explore several of the websites below; then complete a 'knotty' project or activity:
Make a Knot Bracelet. Select a few knots from the Ropers Knots Page or The Knotting Dictionary of Kännet. Then use them in the construction of a unique friendship bracelet.
Write Knot Instructions. Use one of the websites to learn how to tie a knot. Then write directions to teach a friend how to tie the same knot. Field test your instructions with someone. (How did it work?) Now add a few drawings and see if they help with a learner. Another variation that you might try is to videotape your brief knot-tying lesson, and then show it to a beginner. Which of these methods worked best?
Cook-up Some Knots. Visit Ropers Knots Page or another 'how-to-tie' knots site. Then use a recipe found at Pretzel Recipe or Pretzels to help create some edible knots. Bake the results and share with friends. For another variation, try tying some spaghetti knots (Find directions at Knot Knotes). Non-edible knots can be made from playdough (See Playdough Recipe or Playdough Recipe2).
Play Some Knot Games. Go to Knot Knotes and play some of the 'Knot Games' that you find there. Advanced learners may want to try their skill at the 'knotty' problems found at New Ideas about Knots - - these are tough.
Tie Some Knots. Visit some of the websites and enjoy learning and tying some new knots. You also may want to test your knowledge with the online quiz at Commonly Used Rope and Knot Terms. How did you do?
A Website By Kids for Kids
Knot Theory (1997 ThinkQuest Project)
This site explores the formulas and factoids associated with the study of the topology of knots and links.
Knot Quite Done with Websites 
Boat Safe Knots
This small website has excellent step-by-step instructions plus animations for tying a half-dozen knots that are used in boating: figure 8, bowline, cleat hitch, square, two round turns with 2 1/2 hitches, and the clove hitch knots.
Similar Websites:
2) Knots (The Fishernet)
3) Get Knotted (Scout Group, East Sussex, UK)
Knot Knotes
While this might seem a trivial pursuit to some, this knowledge is shared and prized among Scouts, campers, sailors, climbers, craftsmen and many more in their own special applications. There are knots for both function and decorative needs.
KnotPlot Site
This is a collection of knots viewed from a (partly) mathematical perspective.
Similar Website:
2) Ideal Knots
Untangling the Mathematics of Knots
Use this site to explore the fundamental ideas of knot theory.
More About Mathematical Knots:
2) New Ideas about Knots
3) Knot Theory Online

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