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Easier - Mining is the work or business of taking minerals from the earth. A hole or tunnel is dug in the ground to take out metals, coal, salt, or other minerals.
Harder - Most substances obtained from the earth are gotten by mining. Mining provides iron for steel making, salt for food, coal for fuel, and gold, silver, and diamonds for jewelry. Mined materials also include stone for building, phosphate for fertilizer, and gravel for highways.
There are many methods of mining, dependent on where and how a coal or mineral deposit is found. Some substances are mined relatively cheap because they can be found at or near the earth's surface. Some minerals are found as a compact mass, while others are widely scattered. Other mined materials are found far beneath the surface and removed by tunneling deep underground. Some mined substances are located beneath oceans, lakes, and rivers. Other minerals are concentrated in large bodies of water and are obtained by pumping.
Mine Safety and Health Administration's Kid's Page
Explore this site and learn more about mining.
Mining and the Environment at
This site connects you to government, industry and environment groups dealing with mining and environment issues in the United States and around the world.
Related Websites:
2) Environmental Considerations of Active and Abandoned Mines, U.S. Geological Survey Bulletin 2220 (Download pdf)
3) How Coal Mining Produces Pollution in the Upper Conemaugh River Basin
4) Mining Waste at the National Mining Association
5) Mining and Its Environmental Effects
6) Tearing Down the Mountains from U.S. News Online
Mining History Network
This website contains and links to information on mining history around the world.
Related Websites:
2) Mining History Association
Mining USA
This comprehensive site focuses on the latest news related to mining and mining issues.
Other Comprehensive Mining Information Sites:
2) InfoMine
3) Mining Journal Limited
Related Links-Site:
4) National Mining Association
5) Links and Connections from the Office of Surface Mining, Department of the Interior
Before you complete one or more of the following activities, make sure that you explore several of the mining websites.
Create A Mining Map. Begin with a map of your state, the United States, North America, or another continent. Then find out what types of mining is being done within the region. Identify the different types of mining that are taking place and find the production rates. Display your finished 'Mining Map.'
Make A Mine Safety Poster. Before starting to create your poster, visit several of the sites for mine and mining safety - - Stay Out - Stay Alive: Mine Hazard Awareness Campaign and Safety and Health Information at MSHA.
Pick a Mineral. Select a mineral and learn about how it is mined. Compare the mining practices and processes of your mineral with other minerals. Invent a new "high tech" tool that could be used in mining this mineral.
Rush for Riches. Explore the history of a mining community. What is the relationship between the mining operation and the community? Create a visual map showing the mine and its effect on the individual and small town.
Get Organized. Mines were the locations of some of the first organized labor groups. Why did the miners feel it was important to organize their concerns and interests? Trace the history of the labor movement in the mining industry.
Construct A Model of A Mine. Visit some of the mining websites to learn about the different types of mines. Then, construct a model of a mine.
Mine Your Own Region. What type of mining or extraction takes place in your region? Don't forget the mining of rock and aggregates such as limestone, gravel, rock quarries, etc. Are there abandoned mines? Find out about the history of mining in your area. Interview someone who has worked in the industry. Gather photographs, maps, and information related to local mining. Put together your research findings into a presentation. Place your completed project in the library or online.
Complete A Mining WebQuest. Follow or adapt the procedures found at the webQuest sites:
1) Beverley Mine WebQuest
2) Mining and the Community WebQuest by A. Barnett
3) Mining and the Environment by A. Lee (Grades 10-12)
Websites By Kids For Kids
Coal Mining and Related Information for Golden, Colorado by P. Murray and E. Wallin
This web site is a brief collection of information available on coal mining activity in Golden, Colorado.
Mining in Nevada County
Learn about types of mining and accompany a class on a visit to a historic mine.
Rush For Riches: a Portrait of Mining in America (2000 ThinkQuest Junior Project)
Take a cyber-journey into American mining and its effects on the individual, society, culture and history.
Science of the Comstock (1999 ThinkQuest for Tomorrow's Teachers)
This site provides content, activities, and lesson plans related to the fields of study of science of Physics, Chemistry, Earth Science, and Environmental Science applied to the historically and industrially important mining on the Comstock.
More Mining Websites
Bisbee Deportation of 1917
Learn about the Arizona event that influenced the labor movement throughout the United States. What started as a labor dispute between copper mining companies and their workers turned into vigilante action against the allegedly nefarious activities of the Industrial Workers of the World (I.W.W.).
Coal Information Network
This comprehensive site provides information and resources on coal and coal mining.
Other Coal Mining Sites:
2) American Coal Foundation
3) Black Diamond Net
4) Coalcracker
5) Coal Facts (Illinois)
6) Coal Mine at Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago
7) Coalming in Castlecomer (Ireland)
8) Coal Mining, Mine Fires, & The Molly Maguires
9) Coal Mining in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era http://www.cohums.ohio-
10) Early Days of Coal Mining in Northern Illinois by R. Joyce
11) Everything You Need to Know About Coal
12) Facts About Coal from National Mining Association
13) Haig Colliery Mining Museum (United Kingdom)
14) History of Coal Mining in Nova Scotia
15) In Search of King Coal at BHP
16) Kentucky Coal Education History Page
17) Office of Surface Mining (A Bureau of the U.S. Department of the Interior)
18) Strip Mining Coal
19) Unofficial History of Coal Mining in Illawarra (New South Wales, Australia)
20) Virtual Museum of Coal Mining in Western Pennsylvania
21) West Virginia Coal Mining Facts
22) What Coal Miners Do from United Mine Workers of America
23) World Coal Institute
El Dorado Gold Mine of Fairbanks, Alaska
Make an online visit to the El Dorado, an historic mine in the district where the rush started back in 1902.
Other Related Websites:
2) California Gold Country
3) Gold Mining in North Carolina
4) Lebanon Silver Mine (Colorado)
5) Old Hundred Gold Mine Tour (Colorado)
6) Reed Gold Mine (North Carolina)
Ghostly Salt City Beneath Detroit by P. Zacharias, The Detroit News
Learn about the gigantic salt mine, operated until 1983, that lies 1,200 feet beneath the industrial heart of Detroit. The mine, formerly operated by the International Salt Mine Company, spreads out over more than 1,400 acres and has 50 miles of roads.
Another Salt Mine Site:
2) Hallstatt Salt Mine
Gold Mine in Montana is a Lode of Controversy from the Philadelphia Enquirer
Read about a modern mining controversy centered on a community near Yellowstone National Park - - what could become a 2000s version of the Gold Rush. Crown Butte Mines, Inc. says that the old prospectors just missed striking a lode that holds an estimated $600 million in gold, silver and other metals.
'Golden Dreams and Silver Linings:' A History of Mining in Idaho from the Idaho Mining Association
In the Fall of 1860, a party of ten prospectors led by Captain E.D. Pierce entered the Nez Perce Reservation in search of mineral wealth.
Mining (Copper) from Asarco
This brief site provides information about open-pit copper mining in Arizona.
Mining Collection Collection at University of Utah
This collection of mining photographs depict various types of mining machinery and camps from the nineteenth century to modern times.
Mining Industry in the Susquehanna River Basin
This site focuses on mining and its effects on the environment.
Other Sites About Mining:
2) Mining: Search, Exporation, and Development at Saskatchewan Interactive
3) Mining Methods at Frontier Trails of the Old West
Mining Technology
This site for the mining industry connects to information and sources for equipment, products, and services for mining.
Women in Mining
WIM was founded in 1972 in Denver, Colorado, by several women whose intent was to facilitate education about the mining industry.
Stay Out - Stay Alive: Mine Hazard Awareness Campaign (Mine Safety & Health Administration)
This is the site of a national public awareness campaign aimed at warning children and adults about the dangers of exploring and playing on active and abandoned mine sites.
Related Safety Websites:
2) Health Hazard Information from MSHA
3) Keepout: Old Mines Can Be Dangerous
4) Mining Accident and Injury Information at MSHA
5) Mining Industry Accident, Injuries, Employment, and Production Statistics
6) Safety and Health Information at MSHA
Websites For Teachers
Classroom Activities at Women in Mining
This site has a collection of activities designed to teach about mining and minerals.
Related Website:
2) Games at Women in Mining
Coal and Coal Mining
In the book, Rebels in the Shadows, the Flannerys like everyone around them, are bound intextricably to the mines. Here is a plan to integrate this story into a unit about mining.
Coal Mining
Captain Catherine guides learners through the coal mining process. During your students adventure, they will learn the different types of mining used in the United States and the factors that determine the type of mining used.
Mathematics: Problems on Coal and Energy by J. Bryant (Grade 7-8) at Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute
The purpose of this unit is to provide an historical aspect to the developments which lead to the discovery of coal and coal mining through the origins and kinds of coal; types and methods of coal mining, hazards of mining, measures of safety and chemical byproducts of coal.
Pit Pony in the Classroom
The lesson plans in this unit focus on two themes: the human element and mapping. Each lesson can be used independently or in combination with one or more of the other lessons.
Thematic Unit on Gold by R.R. Avila and L. Jones
This unit is organized to provide the student with information, history, hands-on experience and the process of mining and extracting minerals from mother nature's soils.
room & pillar mining
longwall mining
surface mining
open pit mining
hard rock mining
rocks and minerals
Gold Rush
precious metal
extractive industry
placer mining
strip mining
adit or slope
mine inspector
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