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Easier - A puppet is a figure or doll made to look like a person or an animal. Puppets are controlled by people. Some puppets fit over the hand or a finger. Others have strings or rods that are moved from above or below.
Harder - Puppets are artificial figures whose movements are controlled by a person. They are inanimate objects that are manipulated so as to appear to be moving. The person who operates them is called a puppeteer. Puppets are moved by hand or by strings, wires, or rods. Puppet figures are made to represent a person, animal, plant, or an object. Puppets appear as characters in plays called puppet shows.
All About Puppets from Disney's
This comprehensive site has everything you need to stage a show-stopping puppet production.
No Strings Attached by N.M.J. Burley
Here you can find out how to make and operate your own puppets, build your stage area, use scenery and props, set up your own puppet group, and lots more.
Similar Website:
2) Puppetry Home Page from Sunnie BunnieZZ
Puppet Resource Center at Legends & Lore
Visit this website if you are interested in puppets and how to use them. Learn how to make a sack or sock puppet and how to make your own puppet show!
Puppetry from Sagecraft Productions
This comprehensive website is a one-stop, find just about everything about puppetry, kind of site. It contains information about puppet organizations, puppet theaters, festivals, types of puppets, traditions, uses, exhibits, schools and workshops, building and builders, and performers.
Not-To-Be-Missed Sections:
2) Puppetry Building and Building Materials
3) Using Puppetry
After visiting several of the websites, complete one or more of the following projects:
Make Your Own Puppet. You can find directions and assistance at many of the puppet websites plus these listed here.
1) Bumble Bee Finger Puppet
2) Finger Puppet
3) Hand Puppets from PBS
4) How To Make A Marionette at Puppets 2000
5) How To Make A Rod Puppet at Puppets 2000
6) Lets Make A Paper Bag Puppet
7) Make A Puppet from Kids Domain
8) Make A Sock-A-Saurus from PuppetWorld
9) Paper Bag Puppet
10)Paper Bag Puppets from FunRoom
11)Puppets and Marionettes from Enchanted Learning
12)Raccoon Puppet
13)Sock Puppets from Legends and Lore
Make A Shadow Puppet Theater. You can find lots of help at Make A Shadow Puppet Theater! from Old Sturbridge Village Kids Club, Make a Shadow Theater and a Puppet of Your Own from The Christian Science Monitor, and Shadow Puppet Theater at PBS.
Write and Perform Your Own Puppet Scripts. You can perform the puppet scripts that you find at the websites. But you also may want to write and perform you own productions. You will find assistance and information at the following websites:
1) Aesop's Fables
2) Free Script Archives from Puppet Productions
3) Make Your Own Virtual Puppet Show at Early Childhood
4) Myths, Folktales and Fairy Tales from Scholastic
5) Puppet Scripts from Legends and Lore
6) Scripts from Punch & Judy On the Web
7) Writing Puppet Scripts from Legends and Lore
Send Someone A Puppet Show. Go to Finger Puppet Cutouts at Blue Mountain.
Complete A Puppet WebQuest. Follow or adapt the procedures found at one of the following webQuest sites:
1) Jurassic Puppets by B.Heitzman (Grades 7-9)
2) P is for Puppet by D. Schraeder (Kindergarten)
3) Strings & Things by M. McKeller
4) What On Earth Are Shadow Puppets? by D. Woessner
5) World of Puppets by C. Jennings (Grades K-2)
Websites By Kids For Kids
Puppet Project (Grade 3) from Weller Elementary in Fairbanks, Alaska
This is a photo essay about puppets the students made and plays that they performed.
More Puppets Websites
Learn about the Japanese puppets called "karakuri-ningyo" that can move by themselves. This site has essays about these traditional puppets and their uses.
Make Puppets
This brief site outlines and illustrates the steps taken to produce a mouth and rod style of puppet.
Puppet Building Information from Nick Barone Puppets
Learn more about puppets and puppet building.
Related Websites:
2) Puppetry Building and Building Materials
Puppeteers' Cooperative Home Page
This site provides resources for making giant puppets for parades and festivals.
Puppets at KBOB
Follow one person's journey into puppets and puppetry.
Puppets With A Purpose from UNICEF
Find out how puppets have been helping people throughout the world and why they are seen as both educational and entertaining.
Strings, Springs and Finger Things: A New Puppet Collection
from the Canadian Museum of Civilization
This museum site has everything there is to know about hand puppets, marionettes and others.
Websites For Teachers
Newsworthy Paper-Mache Puppet Heads (Grades 3-6) by M.B. Lewison\
This lesson involves student role playing as they make a paper mache puppet head to fit the role he or she has chosen.
Paper Bag Puppets (Grades Pre-school to K)
Here you find a collection of plans for making paper bag puppets.
Make a Puppet that Looks Like You from Weekly Reader
Help children make puppets out of flat-bottomed paper bags. Then use the puppets in a get-acquainted language activity.
Punch and Judy Show from Educate the Children
This lesson focuses on the popular 'Punch and Judy' shows and their importance in history.
Puppets in the Drama Classroom
Puppetry is a great way to bring more reticent or shy children out of their shells, and to help everyone become more expressive. This site contains several puppet lessons.
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