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Easier - Children have been playing rope games for hundreds of years. The most popular game with rope is jumping. For beginning jumpers, the rope should be long enough to reach from the floor to your armpits, when the rope is folded in half. Start out slowly, jumping thirty hops, just clearing the rope, and adding a minute to the routine each week.
Harder - Rope games for children are found in the classroom, on the playground, and their homes. Some young ranch kids learn to rope at an early age. Older youth and adults may physically compete on a 'rope challenge course,' use ropes in the sports of climbing and rappelling, or use rope apparatus in team-building workshops.
Jump roping is a unique part of our cultural heritage. Historically it was first a game primarily for boys. Males usually did not use rhymes. Instead they spent their time on trick jumps: crossovers, double jumping, and peppers. Migration of Americans from farms to towns and cities led to girls taking over this unique pastime of jump roping. One theory for this is that girls now had more time to play than they had back on the farm, and more friends to play with. On smooth city streets they put together dozens of games and hundreds of rhymes that make up modern jump rope lore.
Ijumprope.Com and
Here you will find instructions and information about freestyle jump roping, a great way to get and stay fit.
Jump Rope Skills from the National Heart Foundation
These four basic jump rope activities are from the 'Jump Rope for Heart' program.
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Skipping Games
Skipping games are part of most cultures and that they probably started when children first discovered turning and jumping a long reed or soft, thin branch from a willow tree. With a long rope try these skipping games.
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Info Skip-Canada
This site promoting rope skipping includes a history of rope skipping, weird and awesome records, 'One Jump Ahead' (Canada's online newsletter), links and more.
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2) Canadian Skipping Association Inc.
Visit several of the rope game websites, then select and complete one or more of these activities:
Learn Some Rope Tricks. Magician's often use ropes and strings in their performances, and have for about as long as rope has been around. Learn a few tricks at Rope Tricks from Back Stage Magic.
Create Rope Safety Guidelines. Playing with rope can be hazardous; injuries such as abrasions and rope burns can occur if someone is not careful. Put together your own guidelines for playing safely with rope. Is there an age level where children should be supervised? At what age could children play unsupervised?
Form A Jump Rope Team. Around the world, kids are involved in rope jumping teams. Get together with interested and friends to form your own rope-jumping group. Setup and follow a practice schedule. Learn new techniques and improve your skills. You may want to seek out an adult to help lead and organize your team.
Try Creating A Rope Game. Create a new rope game. Try it out with friends. Evaluate your new game. Decide if it needs to be revised?
Websites By Kids For Kids
Jump Into a Healthy Life (1999 ThinkQuest Junior Project)
This site teaches kids how to do some of the basic, intermediate and advanced jump rope tricks that Jump Rope Demonstration teams do in their performances.
More Jumping Sites
 Games We Played as Children: Jump Rope Games
One version of a jump rope game played with rubber bands connected together to make a long rope is played in many countries, including China, Colombia, and Indonesia.
Frequently Asked Questions About Rope
This site provides a lot of technical information regarding ropes.
Jump Rope Songs
This site has a few jump rope songs.
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U.S. Amateur Jump Rope Federation
Jump rope enthusiasts of all interests will find valuable information and resources here.
Instruction Section:
2) New Skill & Topic
Jump Rope 2000 Handbook (Amateur Athletic Union)
Here is the official handbook for jump rope competition.
Websites for Teachers
Group Rope Squares by Darcy Morger-Grovenstein (AskERIC Lesson Plan, Grade 5 to Adult)
This lesson emphasizes group cohesion and communication skills as well as problem solving and cooperation.
Jump Rope Lessons
These lessons are designed to focus on some components of jumping rope.
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Learning the Ropes (Requires adult supervision)
These are intriguing and fun problem solving tasks that require total team involvement to accomplish the goal.
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What Is Jump Rope for Heart? at the American Heart Association
Jump Rope for Heart is an educational fundraising event. It's held each year in elementary schools by the American Heart Association (AHA) and the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (AAHPERD). Jump Rope For Heart raises funds for medical research and for programs that help prevent heart disease and stroke.
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