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Easier - Sculpture is the act and art of making three-dimensional works of art such as statues. A statue is an image such as a person or animal that is sculpted in a solid substance. The Statue of Liberty and Rodin's The Thinker are two well-known statues.
Sculptures may be carved, chiseled, modeled, cast, or constructed. They can be made of many different materials such as wood, stone, clay, metal, sand, ice, and even balloons. A person who creates sculpture is called an sculptor.
Harder - Sculptors use many different materials in their work such as stone, bronze, clay, iron, steel, paper, metal, marble, wood, soap, chocolate, butter, balloons, ice, snow, and sand. There are many end products including carousels, dolls, animals, action figures, mobiles, and kinetic sculptures. These pieces of art maybe placed inside or outside. Gargoyles on building ledges and sculpture gardens are two examples of outside sculptures.
Sculptures are often thematic on topics such as wildlife, religion, tradition, or fun. Many people create sculptures from found objects such as recycled materials. New technologies are used to create interesting artwork that includes computers, holograms, and light.
Wonderful examples of sculpture can be found throughout the world. Sculpture has been an important part of culture since ancient times.
Four processes are used in sculpture including subtraction, substitution, addition, and manipulation.
Artcyclopedia: Sculptors
Explore artists by type of medium, time period, and location.
Other Websites to Search by Sculptor: (use the word sculpture in your search)
Web Gallery of Art
Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco
Children's Museum of Indianapolis: Arts Workshop
This interactive website for children answers the following questions: Does sculpture have a purpose? Who are these sculptors? What do sculptors create with? What do sculptors so? What do sculptures do?
Similar Website for Students About Artists and Techniques:
Bottlecaps to Brushes
Lizzy Visits the Sculpture Garden - National Gallery of Art
This animated, musical story follows Gordon and Lizzy's adventure in the sculpture garden at the National Gallery of Art. Follow the story or use the map to explore many different kinds of sculptures. You see Lizzy's drawing and information along with a photo and other information each sculpture.
Sculptor.Org - A Comprehensive Resource for Sculptors
This website provides links for educators and sculptors. Explore famous sculptors, professional groups, art education sites, sculpture materials and types, sculpture locations, advanced technology, and business materials for professional sculptors. Individual pages are provided on Augustus St. Gaudens, Alexander Calder, Donald De Lue, Michelangelo, Randolph Rogers, and Bela Lyon Pratt.
Webpages of Interest to Students and Teachers Within the Website:
Children's Sculpture Gallery
Individual Sculptors 
Using the websites, complete the following activities:
Explore the World of Sculpture. Try the Bottlecaps to Brushes activity. Follow a giraffe as his shows different artists and techniques.
Take a Virtual Field Trip. You can take a virtual field trip to sculpture parks around the world. Click on International Directory of Sculpture Parks and Gardens to see a map of parks to visit. Select a park you'd like to visit. What would you ask the sculptor when visiting the park or garden? For more fun, visit the sculpture garden with Lizzy! Create your own virtual sculpture garden.
Take a Stand. Read about SOS "Saving Outdoor Sculpture". Do you think this is important? Read the guidelines on Adopting a Monument. Identify the outdoor sculptures in your community. What can you do in your community to save an outdoor sculpture?
Create Clay Animation. Clay is lots of fun. Create some claymation.
Take an Art Safari. Try the Art Safari project. It will read aloud a series of questions about a piece of sculpture. Then, create a story based on your answer. After following the directions, create your own project. Choose a photograph of a sculpture and write some questions for others to answer.
Design an Author Sculpture Garden. Visit the Beverly Cleary Sculpture Garden. Explore the statues of different characters from her books. Create your own sculpture garden for your favorite author. Or, draw a picture of what the sculpture garden would look like. Include ideas from the settings, plots, and character's of your author's book.
Create a Wind Sculpture. Make a windmill, whirligig or other fun outdoor moving sculpture. Go to the Try These page for ideas.
Create a New Mount Rushmore. Mount Rushmore is a giant sculpture. If you were creating a sculpture with the giant images of four famous people, who would you include? Use Photoshop or other software to create a picture of your version of Mount Rushmore.
Explore Sculpture of the World. Choose the sculpture or sculptor of a particular country or time period. Compare and contrast this sculpture to another country or time period. Use the Inspiration software for your comparison.
Interview a sculptor. Explore the life and work of a favorite sculptor or famous sculpture or artist to explore. Take on the role of this sculptor and answer questions that others ask through email.
Create a Poster. Explore quotations on sculpture. Select a quotation and write about whether you agree or disagree with the statement and why. Choose a photograph of a piece of sculpture that best reflects the quotation. Create a poster using Microsoft Word or other software.
Write about a Spooky Gargoyle. Take a virtual field trip of the gargoyles around New York City called A Love of Monsters. Read about Gargoyles and Sculpture. Go to the Gargoyles of Portugal page. Explore the photos and links to other sites with gargoyles. Pick a photo and write a spooky story based on the statue.
Send a Gargoyle Postcard. Send a sculpture postcard such as a Gargoyle Postcard.
Create a Sculpture. Explore four processes in sculpture subtraction, substitution, addition, and manipulation. Create a sculpture using one of these techniques.
Build a Sandcastle. Go to the 2001 World Sand Sculpting Competition page and examine the entries. Select your favorite and write about why you think it should get the award. Try creating a permanent sand castle.
Express Your Opinion. Read the article Carving Crazy Horse. Add your ideas to the online discussion or hold your own class discussion.
Explore Famous Sculptures. Explore a famous sculpture such as Rodin's The Thinker, Statue of Liberty, or Secrets of Easter Island. Why do you think these sculptures are so famous? Trace the history of the sculpture and make a brochure for people who might want to visit.
Take a Close Look. Explore some sculpture up-close. Discuss what it looks like when you look at it with a magnifying glass. Try the activity What is it? activity and What is it? page that focuses on details in sculptures. Also, try the Symbols in Art activity.
Make Paper Sculptures. Learn to make your own paper sculptures. Go to the Travel to Oriland and Joseph Wu's Origami Page websites for some origami ideas.
Create Food Art. Create some art that is so good you could eat it. Explore the sculpture on the Please Eat the Art page. Create your own food sculpture.
Make Balloon Sculpture. Everyone loves balloons. Learn about an animal. Make a balloon sculpture! Check out some student projects. Give the sculptures to younger children.
Complete a WebQuest. You can find many webquests that involve students in making sculpture as part of the project. A few are listed below. Explore one of the webquests below:
1) Art for Sale
2) Bears
3) Castle Builder
4) Design a Garden
5) Loch Ness Monster
6) Monumental Design
7) The Novel and the Art
8) Out of this World Design
9) Romantic Themes WebQuest (high school)
10) What Portraits Reveal (Grades 11-12)
11) Who Sculpted Angel? (elementary)
12) Wonderful World of Whales
13) Women Artists (high school)
Websites By Kids For Kids
Art of Japan - Sculpture
This student project focuses on the sculpture of Japan. It includes the history of sculpture and examples.
Clay Animation Station
Learn about the artists that work with clay animation. Learn how to create your own clay animation movies.
Classical Greek Sculpture
This student project explores Ancient Greek sculpture. Explore the Parthenon, methods of sculpture, development of sculpted figures, and sculpture and society.
Learn to Design Paper Sculpture
This student ThinkQuest project takes users through the process of making paper sculptures. You can also learn about the history of sculpture and take a quiz.
Leonardo Da Vinci: A Man of Both Worlds
Explore the life and work of artist Leonardo Da Vinci. Three levels of depth are provided.
Michaelangelo Buonarroti
This project by fourth graders contains information about the artist and examples at his work.
Travel to Oriland
This student project explores many aspects of origami.
Websites about Famous Sculptor
Magdalena Abakanowicz
Explore the work of this artist born in 1930 in Poland who designed sculpture for the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Alexander Calder
Learn about the famous artist, Alexander Calder. At the website you'll find information about his life and works.
Related Websites:
American Strategy - Creativity & Culture
American Masters
Edgar Degas
This virtual exhibit from the National Gallery of Art explores the art of Edgar Degas and his depiction of equestrian subjects.
Fernando de Szyszlo
Learn about this sculptor and his works.
Examine the sculptures of this famous sculptor, Donatello (c. 1386-1466) from Florence, Italy. Use the sites below for additional information.
Other Donatello Websites:
Lester Gaba
Learn about this famous soap sculptor from the 1920s and 30s.
Edmonia Lewis
Learn about this famous African American sculptor from the 1870s.
Michelangelo Buronarroti
Learn about the life and work of Michelangelo (1475-1564).
Website Activities:
Leonardo's Workshop
Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum
This website focused on the garden museum of Isamu Noguchi (1904-1988). He is well-known for his public art and sculpture gardens.
Augustus Saint-Gaudens
Learn about Augustus Saint-Gaudens (1848-1907) through a National Park Service website that features his home, gardens, and studios.
Other Websites on Augustus Saint-Gaudens:
American Masters
Augusta Fells Savage
Augusta Fells Savage (1882 - 1962) is a famous African American sculptor who worked in Harlem in the early 1900s.
Mark Harden's Artchive - Sculptors
This page provides information about the following sculptors: Constantin Brancusi, Dale Chihuly, Donatello, Alberto Giacometti, Barbara Hepworth, Eva Hesse, Michelangelo, Henry Moore, and Auguste Rodin.
Scuptors.Org - Individual Sculptors
Learn about famous sculptors including information, photos, and/or links.
Suggested Sculptures and Artists
This web page links to lots of famous sculptures and artists.
Additional Websites About Sculpture
1200 Years of Italian Sculpture
This website contains information (in Italian) and photos of sculptures through the 1200 year history of sculpture in Italy. It includes sections on High Medieval, Romanic, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, and Modern sculpture. There is also a location and artist index.
Other Italian Sculpture Sites:
Italian Renaissance
Italian Sculptures
19th Century Sculpture
Explore 19th century sculpture from around the world including neoclassic, romantic, realistic, and symbolist.
20th Century Sculpture
Explore this website that contains information about 20th century sculptors.
ArtLex on Sculpture
In addition to definitions, this page links to descriptions of the most important works of sculptors from each time period from 1350 to present. In addition, it contains links to related websites.
Other Glossaries on Sculpture:
Art Concepts Related to Sculpture
Outdoor Public Sculpture
Balloon HQ
This is the headquarters for balloon sculpture.
Related Balloon Websites:
Make a Balloon Sculpture
Magicaly Balloon
Cleveland Museum of Art - Lady Alexandra's Egg-stravaganza
This page contains examples of egg sculpture.
Detroit Institute of Arts - Ancient Art - Egypt
This website explores the sculpture of Ancient Egypt. Egyptian art was highly symbolic. The Egyptian sculptor used clay, wood, metal, ivory, and stone. Stone was the most plentiful and permanent. Sculpture was often painted.
This website contains lots of art projects for students including sculpture with clay.
From Windmills to Whirligigs
There are many types of sculptures. Windmills and whiligigs are popular outdoor sculptures. Explore lots of whirligigs. Go on a virtual tour.
Gargoyles and Grotesques - Carved in Stone
Learn about gargoyles and grotesques from the past and present. The website contains links to other sites with additional information and photographs on this topic. Be sure to read the FAQs.
Other Gargoyles Websites:
A Love of Monsters
Gargoyle Home Page 
History of Sculpture
Explore the Britannica encyclopedia overview of the history of sculpture. This page links to many other pages related to sculpture around the world.
Impossible Microworld Museum
Explore a museum of tiny sculptures. They even have a photo of the Statue of Liberty in the head of a pin.
International Directory of Sculpture Parks and Gardens
The website contains a clickable map of the world.
Joseph Wu's Origami Page
This is a wonderful origami website on paperfolding. Explore galleries and diagrams.
Other Paperfolding Websites:
Exploratorium: Exploring Origami
Kinetosaurs: Putting Some Teeth Into Art and Science
Learn about dinosaurs and how to make dinosaur sculptures that move!
Kinetic Light Sculptor
This artist creates kinetic light sculpture using computers. It is also combined with audio elements. - Peanut Butter Sculpture Dough
This website provides lots of ideas for making things. This page shows how to make peanut butter sculpture dough.
Other Sculpture Ideas:
Arts and Crafts Learnlets
Make Homemade Paper
Make Basic Origami
Make Paper Mache
There are many different kinds of masks. This website is a great starting point to explore masks, mask makers, and masquerade.
Please Eat the Art
This article focuses on artwork made of food.
Check out the great sand sculptures. Read about the history of sand history.
Other Sand Sculpture Sites:
Internet Center for Sand
Sand Castle Tips and Tricks
Sculpture -
This website provides a great starting point for your exploration of sculpture.
Links to Specific Sculpture Forms:
Papermaking and Paper Arts
Soap Carving
Weathervane and Whirligigs
Smithsonian American Art Museum
Enter and artist or click 'sculpture' to explore over 600 pieces of artwork.
Virtual Polyhedra
This virtual encyclopedia contains thousands of virtual reality polyhedra that can be viewed and manipulated in 3D as virtual reality files. It includes background material on polygons; a "how to" section on building paper models of polyhedra in the classroom; and polyhedra and art;
World Ceramics
This page explores the many ways ceramics have been made and used throughout the world.
Other Greek Sculpture Sites:
Ancient Greek Sculpture
World Ice Art Championships
This website is the home of the World Ice Art Championships in Alaska. Explore past and current winners.
Other Ice Sculptures:
National Ice Carving Gallery
Snow Sculptor and Snow Sculptures
Famous Sculptures
Carving Crazy Horse
This page provides background information about the Crazy Horse monument.
Secrets of Easter Island
Learn about the mysterious, giant statues of Easter Island.
Lincoln Memorial
This National Park Service site provides an overview of the memorial and the park.
A Related Lesson:
The Unfinished Lincoln Memorial
The Seven Wonders of the World
Explore the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.
A Lesson on Wonders of the World:
Wonder of the World
Statue of Liberty
This National Park Service site provides an overview of the statue and the park.
Another Statue of Liberty Site:
National Geographic: Light of Liberty
Websites For Teachers
Art Exploration - Sculpture
This unit provides an overview of sculpture. This series of lessons is presented to challenge students to develop personally symbolic forms and to broaden their understanding of sculptural forms.
Can I Feel Your Pain? A Sculpture Project
This high school project focuses on issues in Latin America. Students will create a sculpture that conveys a message of information, reaction and opinion.
Creative Paperclay Projects
This page provides a lots of projects for students using clay.
Exploring an Ancient World
Students explore four online resources as they address a series of questions related to Ancient Greek and Roman artwork.
Integrating Technology
Explore art webquests and student art projects.
Lesson Plan for Warhol
Learn about the world of Andy Warhol and create a project such as a sculpture.
Make a Penguin Sculpture
This early childhood or primary activity focuses on creating a penguin sculpture with flour, water, and paint.
Outdoor Public Sculpture
This secondary level, cross disciplinary unit focuses on outdoor public sculpture. The project sponsored by the North Texas Institute for Educators on the Visual Arts focuses on issues related to art, history, science, and many other areas related to saving local sculpture.
Owl Sculpture Lesson Plan
Students will learn about the physical characteristics of owls and create a life-sized sculpture of the owl they select.
Paper Mache Animals Sculptures
This fourth grade lesson focuses on creating paper mache animal sculptures.
Sculpture and Collage Lessons for K-12: KinderArt
This is the best place to go for teaching materials for sculpture. This website contains dozens of great lessons related to sculpture using many different materials. The grade level is listed for each lesson.
Search for African Art
This lesson plan and webquest focus on African art.
Soap Carving Lessons
Explore soap carving lessons for grades 1 and 2.
Storytelling in Clay
Students will create art work that demonstrates the understanding of the relationship between selected subjects, symbols, images and design concepts from specific historic and cultural contexts, and the humanities.
The Community Discovered
This lesson explores how you can create a sculpture in clay that represents your community.
They Put on Masks
This lesson contains ideas for creating masks as well as lots of links.  
Toilet Paper Play
This activity involves students in creating living sculptures with toilet paper.
Weaving Granite: The Sculpture of Jesús Moroles
This artsednet project focuses on an artist-in-residence and provides ideas for creating your own artist project.
Wirehose Sculpture
This lesson is intended to introduce students to a free-form sculpture technique.
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