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Easier -Woodworking is the art or craft of making things of wood. The craftsman uses woodworking tools to shape the wood.
Harder - Woodworking, one of the world's the oldest crafts, is the forming and shaping of wood to make useful and decorative objects. Today, woodworking is a popular hobby and an important industry. A skilled woodworker with access to a well-equipped workshop can build items as simple as a birdhouse or as complicated as furniture. The tools needed can be purchased at hardware and department stores. Wood materials can be purchased at lumber retail stores and hobby supply shops.
rec.woodworking FAQ's
This links-site connects to several FAQ and other websites on woodworking.
Related Website:
2) 101 Woodworking Tips & Techniques from Woodsmith, ShopNotes, and Workbench
Sawdust Making 101
This is an online guide for beginning woodworkers.
Related Website:
2) New Woodworker
Women in Woodworking
This site is designed for the growing number of women woodworkers, as well as craftswomen and home improvement enthusiasts.
This site offers offers expert advice, an interactive forum, and more for amateur and professional woodworkers.
Other Comprehensive Woodworking Information Sites:
2) WoodNet
4) Woodworkers Central
5) Woodworking on the Web
6) Wood Zone
7) Woodweb
After visiting several of the woodworking websites, complete one or more of the following activities.
Receive a Weekly Woodworking Tip. Sign up to receive a free weekly woodworking tip via email. All tips are provided by by the editors of Woodsmith, ShopNotes, and Workbench magazines. If interested, go to Woodworking Tips ( You may also want to sign up for Woodshop Tips ( from Shopsmith.
Try Your Skills in the Woodworker's Maze. Go to the Maze ( and choose the old or the new version. The Old Maze is the one from last month which has the answers highlighted to the end. Recommend that you read the Introduction: The Woodworkers Maze ( first. Both mazes have over a hundred - - or are there two hundred questions? A hint, you can get through the Maze by answering less than 20 questions correctly. Just as in a real maze, you won't know exactly where you've missed an answer (made a wrong turn) until you've answered one or several more questions (hit a dead end). At that point you have to go back and try to pick up the trail. Final warning - - the maze is hard; it is for advanced learners!
Classify Hand Tools. Visit sites like Millers Falls Company ( and Electronic Neanderthal ( to learn about hand tools used in woodworking. Using information found at Simple Machines ( another 42eXplore project from eduScapes, classify each of then woodworking hand tools by the type of simple machine(s) that it employs.
Develop a Safety Guideline List. Create your own list of safety instructions for using tools in woodworking. You may want to focus on a tool group or a specific power or hand tool. Share your list with others.
Build a Birdhouse. Various species of birds prefer birdhouses of certain sizes. You can check some of the recommendations at (1) All the Specs for Building Birdhouses ( from and (2) Feathers & Flowers 2000: Build Birdhouses ( Use the information to select or modify the plans found at the following websites; find the wood projects:
(3) Bluebird House Plans by M. Brain
(4) How to Build Birdhouses
Equipment, Supplies, and Tools Sites
Constantines Wood Center
This is the website of a leading provider of wooodworking supplies.
Delta International Machinery Corporation and
This is the website home of a manufacturer of woodworking equipment.
Other Woodworking Equipment Websites:
2) Dewalt Woodworking (Includes an Ask-the-Expert Section)
3) Porter-Cable
Millers Falls Company
Site is devoted to a study of the hand- powered woodworking tools once manufactured by the Massachusetts-based Millers Falls Company.
This company manufactures products to beautify, protect and restore wood.
Museum of Woodworking Tools
The aim of this site is to provide a knowledge-base of museum quality tools and a description of tools and techniques that once existed but are now gone.
Related Websites:
2) Antique Tools FAQ by V. Miller
3) Electronic Neanderthal
4) Hand Tool FAQ by K. Smith
This is the website of another company with a long history of industrial quality woodworking machines.
Since 1963, Ramco has provided wide belt sanding equipment to the wood and metalworking industries.
Rockler Online
This is the website of a source for woodworking supplies and hardware.
Shopsmith Woodworking
Here you find information about the popular Shopsmith equipment and accessories.
Skil Power Tools
Skil Power Tools are products of the Robert Bosch Tool Corporation.
Stanley Works
This website will soon feature the complete line of Stanley hand tools.
Thermwood Corporation
Thermwood is currently the oldest CNC (computer numerically controlled) router company offering products for the woodworking, plastics and aerospace industries.
Related Website:
2) ShopBot Tools
Tool Survey at Woodworkers Central
Before you purchase that new tool, you might want to check these searchable tool reviews;ones that were submitted by woodworkers just like you!
Wood Clamps, Hand Screws, Related Tools
This site from the 'clamp guy' has lots of information about holding devices for woodworking.
This is the website of one of the nation's oldest and largest suppliers of quality woodworking tools and accessories.
More Lessons, Tips, and Techniques for Woodworking
Guide to Honing and Sharpening by B. Mathison from The Museum of Woodworking Tools
The goal of this site is with a minimum of equipment for you to be able to produce razor sharp cutting edges on any tool blade consistently.
Other Useful Sites from The Museum of Woodworking Tools:
2) Short Guide to Carving Tool Terminology . . .
3) Short Guide to Chisels . . .
Guide to Machine Optimization: Making and Improving Machinery and Accessories
by J. Swensen
Here are tips and instructions for making and improving woodworking machines and accessories.
Scrollsaw Resources at Quality Wood Products
Here you will find hints, tips, and techniques page for scrollsawing plus several links to related woodworking sites.
This site provides detailed reviews of new and popular woodworking tools, a variety of how-to and general woodworking articles, and other woodworking resources.
Woodworker's Bench Notes
This site has a a collection of plans, jigs and information for woodworkers.
Woodworking Guide: Beginner's Toolbox from Popular Mechanics . . .
This article on woodworking tool selection is from the long-running magazine.
Other Woodworking Guides from Popular Mechanics:
Basic Joinery
Everything About Abrasives
Finishing Techniques
Getting Started in Furniture Making
How to Sharpen Dull Tools
Understanding Different Types of Glue
Understanding Lumber and Plywood
Woodworking Magazines Online
Lots More Sites
Andrew's Workshop by A. Silvestri
This site from a woodworking enthusiast provides tips, information, and advice.
Related Website:
2) Earl's Woodworking
3) Jeff Greef Woodworking
4) Mike Scalora - Woodworking Page
Better Woodworking
Here you can find links and information for tools, accessories, supplies, woodworking tips, how-to articles, project plans, and much more.
Similar Website:
2) Internet Woodworking
Furniture Restoration Supplies and Advice from Furniture Knowledge
This site contains lots of advice and information on furniture restoration.
Hardwood Handbook from Southeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association
This resource provides information on hardwood lumber and its uses
Related Wood Site:
2) Wood Sampler at Woodworkers Central
New Yankee Workshop
This is the companion website for the popular woodworking series that is cast on Public Television and the Home and Garden Television networks.
Related Television Programming Websites:
2) American Woodshop
3) Router Workshop from Woodgrain Productions, Inc.
4) Woodwright's Shop from PBS
Oak Factory by K. Yeager
At this website, visitors can download project plans, read woodworking articles, and use the 'Woodworkers Guide to Suppliers.'
Jointer's Bench
This website is 'chock-full' of woodworking information including workbench and tools, woodworking trades, tips and hints, projects and links to other sites.
Woodturner's Workshop
This website is provided as a resource for woodturners, especially beginners.
Other Woodturning Sites:
2) Woodturning Online
3) Woodturning Plus
4) Woodturning Reference and Information
Wood-Working from Regia Anflorum: Anglo-Saxon and Viking Crafts
This brief site tells a bit about woodworking in ancient times.
Related Websites:
2) Millwright History by R. Oliver
3) Woodworking of the Roman Period - - - of_the_Roman_P.html
This huge site is the information resource for the woodworking industry.
Woodworking, Carpentry, and Furniture Links
The primary focus of this links-collection is woodworking techniques during the Middle Ages.
WoodWorking on the Internet for the World by R.J. Brown
This links-site features reviews of new websites, lots of links to everything woodworking, helpline, magazine rack, bookstore.
Related Websites:
2) All Wood Work
3) Allan's Wood Miser's Workshop
Woodworking Page by S. Marino
This website has information about veneering, wood finishing and refinishing.
Other Related Websites:
2) Finishing Articles & Information
3) Tips on Finishing Wood Furniture
4) Wood Finishing Tips
Project Plan Sites
Websites for Teachers
Building Bigger Things from National 4-H Wood Science Series
This unit plan helps youth learn how to use tools and machingery to construct items of wood.
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